cuba | a trip to 50s

date. 2019

city. habana & trinidad & varadero| cuba

camera. minolta dynax 500i Super

film. fujifilm 200 & ilford xp2 400 & yodica polaris 400

project covers (3).png

Take a walk in old Habana, feel the vibes of the locals, listen to the music playing. do you smell this? It's the fresh mangos and coconuts. embrace the city, any city, no matter bog or small the feeling is fulfilling. when you find yourself in Cuba you may feel the vibes of an old era, an era that we are all nostalgic about, the one we miss now. Get a small pleasure from the snaps I took in Cuba, I know, a picture is not the same as the trip itself, but even from just a simple click you can feel the positive spirit of this country in all its beauty. 

grateful for being the cousin of the person who got married to a Cuban, and made this trip happen

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